A dynamic team!

Anne-Carole Dimier, Executive Director

Anne-Carole arrived at the Alliance Française of Edmonton in mid-winter 2019 after working as head of the Alliance Française of Mutsamudu in the Comoros. Before that she worked in Beijing, China, first as a teacher and then as an education coordinator. In 2020, she became our new Executive Director. She likes working abroad as it allows her to continuously discover plenty of people and foreign cultures. In addition to all this, Anne-Carole is a Kizomba dance instructor. 


Damema Blanchet, Class Director and French Instructor

Born and raised near Paris, Damema has a degree to teach French as a foreign language. She taught in Peru, France and Barbados before arriving in Canada in January 2018. At the Alliance Française, she teaches general French and specialized courses such as conversation or pronunciation. She is also the class director since 2020. She loves to know other people’s opinions on all sorts of topics from movies to literature, fashion or the news. She also enjoys yoga, Indian food or traveling around the world.

Julie de Coster, Programs Coordinator

Julie started working at the Alliance Française in February 2017, she comes from Nice, France. She travelled and worked in New Zealand and Australia before settling down in Edmonton. She has a passion for outdoors -especially climbing and hiking- and for performing arts like theatre and contemporary dance. She studied Education and Communication. At the Alliance Française, she is in charge of managing the cultural program and relationship with students.

Juliette Desmonts, Events and communication assistant

Since she was a little girl, Juliette has always been fascinated by other languages. Travel addict, she first came to Edmonton in 2017 as an exchange student at the University of Alberta. She joined the Alliance Française in February 2020 where she takes care of cultural and social events, as well as communication. You can meet her at our social meetups every month. Coming from Nantes, France, she will soon graduate her Master degree in International Public Relations. She loves going to the movies, on hikes and taking photos.

Charlotte Delouche, Class Coordinator and French Instructor

Charlotte was born in France, where she studied how to teach French as a Second Language (University of Angers). She then taught FSL at the university in Angers and Paris. She is also specialized in French literature. She arrived in Edmonton in August  2018 and taught FSL at the University of Alberta. In late Spring 2019 she started working at the Alliance française of Edmonton as a French instructor and class coordinator. Charlotte really enjoys learning languages, in fact she is currently learning Farsi! She loves cheese… with a glass of good wine!

Jolyane Jung, Class Coordinator

Jolyane joined the team in September 2020! You will be in touch with her if you want information about our classes! She comes Québec, she’s been living in Edmonton for a few years now.
She loves hiking, so you might meet her on one of the trails in the River Valley!

Charu Inder Mohan, French Instructor

Holding a bachelor‘s degree in Education and Science, Charu started teaching in India as a primary school teacher in Dehli and New Dehli, then in 2004 she turns towards teaching French and English. Afterwards, she joined the French Alliance in Delhi in 2008 and validated a university degree in French as a Foreign Language at the University of Rouen in France. Teacher at the French Alliance of Edmonton since 2009, Charu will attract you with her remarkable energy and will teach you French in a friendly and effective manner.

Nelly Abou Chakra, French Instructor

Nelly started to teach French as a Foreign Language in Lebanon in the Arts and Culture School, and the Universal College of Aley Lebanon for various levels. She then received a certificate of language development at the cultural center of Beirut in 2001. Teacher at the French Alliance in Edmonton since 2009, Nelly knows how to motivate and captivate students and above all she will adapt to your specific language needs, whatever your level.

Renée Bouchard, French Instructor

Renée started at the Alliance Française as a DELF examiner. She worked a lot with federal employee’s French training. Renée now teaches both children and adults of all levels as well as private classes! She comes from Québec and she is also an actress, a real one, not only to make her classes more lively!

Ranee Wickramasekera, French Instructor

Ranee was born in Sri Lanka and taught French there for many years, in private classes and then at the Alliance française of Colombo and at the Lyceum International School. She also taught English, Litterature and Drama. On August 29, 2011, the Academic Palms were bestowed on Ranee, for her contribution to the French culture and language. She then moved to Canada in 2013 and joined the Alliance française of Edmonton in 2015. She also taught French at the Campus Saint Jean. Ranee loves theatre and Tai Chi, and she really enjoys travelling!

Claire Flament, French Instructor

Currently finishing a Master’s degree in FLE (French as a foreign language) in Arras (Northern France), teaching French was a case of love at first sight for her. Her schooling path was unusual, starting with a diploma in Management, then a degree in Optical, it’s when she started teaching that she uncovered her true self, quite a revelation. Sharing her culture through the French language is a personal enrichment. Teaching French as a foreign language allows to share and receive, it’s a continuous cultural exchange. She’s happy she got the opportunity to teach at the Alliance française of Edmonton!

Marie-Eve Bernier, French Instructor

Marie-Eve is from Quebec. She has a bachelor degree in teaching French in secondary schools from Sherbooke University and worked as a French teacher and pedagogical coordinator for children with special needs at François Delaplace Junior highschool in Waterville, Québec. For her hobbies, Marie-Eve enjoys reading books, going to movies, hiking and travelling. She moved to Edmonton and joined our team in September 2019.

Gwladys Jousselme, French Instructor

Gwladys is from France, she also speaks English and Russian. She joined our team in September 2018 for one session before giving birth to her third child ! She was back in May 2019 and currently teaches conversation and interaction classes! More information about Gwladys very soon!

Patrick Novella, French Instructor

Patrick was born in Ivory Coast. He studied at l’Ecole Normale Supérieure of Abidjan where he got his diploma of French Teacher. He then taught French literature and grammar at the Lycée Classique (high school) of Abidjan for 10 years. He taught French as a second language at the University Center for French Studies (CUEF) for 19 years. In Edmonton he has taught French at the Campus Saint-Jean and at the military base. He really enjoys helping his students understand the subtelty of French language. During his days off he loves spending time with his grandchildren (he has three!) and doing volunteering int he different francophone organizations of Edmonton. He is also an active member of the Saint Thomas d’Aquin parish (a francophone parish).

They worked at the Alliance française of Edmonton

Anthony Bertrand, Executive Director (2010 – 2020)

AnthonyAnthony BERTRAND first came in Edmonton in 2005 as a wildlife biologist! (Research assistant and administrative assistant at the University of Alberta). Passionate with linguistics and always keen to promote intercultural exchanges between Francophones and anglophones, he became executive director at Alliance française of Edmonton in May 2010.  You can still catch him at the Café-croissant, game nights, conferences – or at the Farmers Market with his business “Crêpes La Grenouille” !

Chloé Ferrier, French Instructor intern

 Chloe is the intern specialised in FLE (Français langué étrangère) in charge of providing French classes to our dear attendees. She studied English litterature, civilisation and linguistic at the university of Montpellier, where she is about to finish her master degree in French as a foreign language. Half-British, she has recently lived in Australia and has a true passion for moving around the globe.

Richard Blais, Events and Communication Intern

Richard is enrolled in an international Master degree with a focus on culture. He studies at the Palacky University in Czech Republic and at the Rijksuniveristeit in Holland. He joined the team in August 2019, working on the cultural and social events, and communication. He’ll be happy to talk with you at one of our events! Richard likes everything cultural: watching movies, reading books, going to exhibitions. He loves a good discussion around a nice dinner, and enjoy grabbing a beer, coffee or a glass of wine with his friends !