Catch up on your French class!

Have you been missing some of your French classes? Do you need to catch-up with your class? Come now and register for catch-up classes!

  • 1 person catch-up class = 40$/hour
  • 2 person catch-up class = 50$/hour
  • 3 person catch-up class = 60$/hour
  • 4 people or more = group rating 12,50$/person/hour

For catch-up classes that are more than 1 person and less than 4 we will need one payment for its totality. Students must arrange between themselves how they wish to separate the cost.

E.g.: 2 hour catch-up class for 3 people = 120$/hour in total. The administration must receive 1 payment of 120$ and students may decide to split the cost between themselves (40$ each).