Tu peux toujours rêver

The story of the friendship of Jean-Mou and Jean-Fou, two young boys with opposite temperament. Attend with you family to this musical show into the imaginary of this colorful duo !

“Alex Toucourt” and “Julien m’a dit”, two songwriters, two musicians, two friends, already used to work together for a long time. They decided, during a concert, to mix their musical repertoires in a musical ping pong, or rather a “ping song”. The principle? Two concerts in one, that’s all. An opportunity to discover the two different but complementary worlds of the two artists, during an evening full of colour and twists and turns. You will see, these two will be surprising you with their inventiveness, spontaneity and generosity… An exclusive concert, just for you, not to be missed…



Sunday, April 7th at 4pm

At the theater of the Cité Francophone

Pay what you want after the show!