Exceptional Movie Nights:

Thursday, July 9th at 8pm, registration and synopsisThe Protégé, 2018
Thursday, July 23rd at 8pm, registration and synopsisContinuer, 2018

Registration is mandatory for all social meetups to allow us to control the number of people at our events.

Conference with Kim Thúy – ONLINE

Saturday, July 4th, at 11am, registration is mandatory.

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Bastille Day – FULL

Bastille Day is the name given in English-speaking countries to the French National Day,  celebrated on the 14th of July. This year, Bastille Day will be a small group event and out in the air! The night will be entertaining, in particular with the presentation of a gift basket offered by the France-Edmonton Society to the winner of the Photo Contest!


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Social Meetups

Café croissant : Sunday September 8th at 10:30am
Game night : Saturday September 21th at 8pm
Movie night : Saturday September 28th at 8pm

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Cultural inauguration 2019-2020

Thursday September 19th – 7pm

The Alliance is resuming its cultural activities for the year 2019-2020!  This will be the opportunity to host a special evening to reveal our new cultural calendar on September 19th at 7pm. Joins us and enjoy free wine and cheese with Michael Casajus et  Isabelle Spérano, who will perform a dance representation.  We hope to see many of you for the beginning of the cultural season!

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Edmontmon expo

September 20-22nd: The Alliance française will be present at its own stand at the Edmonton expo to present the work of French authors of the comic genre. If you are around, pay us a visit!


Social Meetups

Café croissant and dance initiation : Sunday October 6th at 10:30am
Game night : Saturday October 19th at 8pm
Movie night : Saturday October 26th at 8pm

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Concert Clément Courtois

Clément Courtois is back in Edmonton! This artist will pay hommage to Charles Aznavour and Joe Dassin in a concert produced by the Alliance française of Edmonton. We hope to see you there!

October 5th – 8pm

More information and booking

Concert Edmonton Chamber Music Society: Collectif9

The Québécois band Collectif9 is in Edmonton! We offer discount on their tickets. This band of 9 musicians specialised in string instruments is known for its dynamism and their original take on music classics

October 17 – 7:30 pm

More information and booking

L’UniThéâtre: Simone et le whole Shebang

Simone, a Québécois actress in her sixties suffering from Alzheimer, just arrived to a long term care establishment in Fort McMurray. Jessy, an old Acadian cowboy, is in the same unit. Even if he still has his wit and colorful language, he lost his mobility and his joy. Somewhere between their egos and their fears, Simone and Jessy face their underwhelming realities.

From October 16th to the 19th and from October 13rd to 26th 2019 at 7:30pm everyday + 1:30 on the 19th and the 26th

Prices vary between 20$ and 32$ depending on the representation ; 50% off for the AFE members

More information to follow soon

Opera: Rigoletto

Verdi’s Rigoletto is one of the most celebrated plays of opera. The play is itself a rewriting of Victor Hugo’s play “Le roi s’amuse”. A critical and commercial flop, but when it was re-adapted on the other side of the Alps it became a masterpiece. If you are a lover of Victor Hugo, Verdi, opera, drama, art or simply eager to follow our recommendations, you should come and see Rigoletto!

Tuesday October, 22 and Friday October, 25 2019 

Book your tickets / 20% off the price when purchasing the ticket for our members

Call Edmonton opera to book  780.4289.1000

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Social Meetups

Café croissant : Sunday November 3rd at 10:30am
Game night : Saturday November 16th at 8pm
Movie night : Saturday November 30th at 8pm

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Beaujolais night

This year, the Alliance offers you to participate a wine tasting on the occasion of Beaujolais. You’ll have the opportunity to taste a selection of great French wine!

Thursday November 21st at 7pm at the Alliance Française

$15 AFE members ; $20 others

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L’UniThéâtre: Madame Catherine prépare sa classe de troisième à l’irrémédiable

Your 3rd grade teacher Ms Catherine knows that the world in which her students evolves in an irremediably violent and dangerous one. This is why she prepared for you a class of the utmost importance. Your survival is at stake… but things may not go as planned.

From November 20th to the 23rd 2019 at 7:30pm every day + at 1:30pm the 23rd

Prices vary between 22 $ and 32 depending on the representation ;  50% off for AFE members

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Social Meetups

Café croissant : Sunday December 1st at 10:30am
Game night : Saturday December 7th at 8pm
Movie night: Saturday December 14th at 8pm

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Christmas party + movie

December 14

Come to celebrate Christmas with your familly with the Alliance française of Edmonton! Children and parents will create Christmas cards and cook pastries together. And in the evening, stay with us for the movie “Black Mor’s Island”!

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Social Meetups

King’s Pie : Sunday January 5th at 2pm
Game night : Saturday January 18th at 8pm
Movie night : Saturday January 25th at 8pm

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King’s Pie

January 5th

It’s January, Christmas is over and you probably feel sad… But we have THE cure! Come eat a frangipane pie with us and “draw the kings” on Sunday, January the 5th. It a simple tradition: friends and family gather around this delicious pie, a figurine is hidden in it and th person who finds it become king or queen for the day!

Mandatory registration: $7 membres/ $10 non-membres

More information here

Concert ESO: Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony

Saturday, January 11

The Winnipeg Symphonic music director comes to Edmonton to perform beethoven’s Eroica and Bacewicz’s Sinfonietta. The Francophonie is represented in that concert by the Québécois pianist Charles Richard-Hamelin playing Chopin’s concerto for piano no.1.

20% Reduction for our members with a special discount code for our members. Get in touch with us to have it! 

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Week of French Cuisine

January 27 – February 2

This year again, the Alliance française of Edmonton is celebrating French cuisine with its dedicated week! Baking workshop, Belgian beer tasting, crêpes at candlemass… Cheers to good food!

Information and reservation


Social Meetups

Candlemas : Sunday February 1st at 2pm
Game night : Saturday February 15th at 8pm
Movie night : Saturday February 29th at 8pm

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Sunday, February 2 at 2:00pm

In France, February is the months we eat crepes. The popular belief says that if you flip a crepe with one hand while holding a golden coin in the other hand, you’ll be lucky and rich for the whole year to come. For the topping, everything is possible! Sugar, chocolate, jam, and even maple syrup!  This event is part of the week of French Cuisine (See above in January).

Mandatory registration – $7 members/ $10 others

Information and reservation

Opera: The marriage de Figaro

February 4 and 7

Adapted from Beaumarchais’s play by Mozart, the play is about the complicated wedding of Figaro and Suzanne harmed by the intrusion of the local lord in the couple’s intimacy. Figaro will try to go against the lord’s schemes to save his union. A must-see Opera classic!

Book your tickets
For our members: 20% off the price when purchasing a ticket/ Call the 780.429.1000

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L’UniThéâtre: Les belles-sœurs

Germaine just won a million stamps for the Goldstar catalog which she can exchange for items for her house. Her neighbors, family and friends arrive to help her stick the stamps in the catalogs. The jealousy of her guests soon arise, and unexpected reunions happen in Germaine’s small apartment.

From the 20th of February to the 22nd; each day at 7:30 pm + 1:30 pm on the 22nd

Prices vary from 20 to 22 $ depending on the representation50 % off for AFE members


Sunday, February 23 – 1:30pm at Elk Island’s Visitor Centre

Info and booking

Canadian winter is (usually!) long and cold… So how about using this as an opportunity to learn French in a different manner? This year again, let’s enjoy the outdoor by joining a snowshoeing trail with French dubbing. And what is better than snowshoeing to discuss the beauty of winter landscape in good company?


Social Meetups

Café croissant : Sunday March the 1st at 10:30am
Game night : Saturday March 14th at 8pm

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CANCELLED – French Film Festival

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the French Film Festival is cancelled. Starting today, the Metro Cinema will be closed.
We do apologize for those of you who were eager to discover these movies.
Stay safe everyone!

OPERA: Candide

March 17 and 20

In French the word “Candide” refers to a purity of the mind so intense it is close to being naive. It is also the name of the main character of Voltaire’s philosophical tale ‘Candide or the optimism” who displays a constant innocence despite all the (often gruesome) events occuring around him. Bernstein, the writer behind the musical “West side story” has adapted Voltaire’s sotry into an opera for an extremely pleasant result. Come to the Jubilee to enjoy the story of the ingenuous philosopher and maybe at the end of the show, the only thing on your mind will be to make your garden grow.

Book your tickets
20% off the price for our members when purchasing a ticket. Call the 780.429.1000

More information here

CANCELLED – Spelling contest

We are sorry to announce that, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the campus Saint-Jean and the Alliance française of Edmonton decided to cancel the spelling contest. It is a preventive measure, to ensure everyone’s safety. We are considering organizing a similar activity in Spring, if the situation improves.

Concert Edmonton Classic Guitar Society: Raphaël Feuillâtre

March 28

Multi-Award winning Raphaël Feuillâtre comes to Edmonton in March. This gifted musician with an impressive list of prizes and who toured all around the world come to Alberta for a show you simply cannot miss.

Members of the AFE benefits from the same discounts as the the ECGS members. 

More information here


Social Meetups

Café croissant : Sunday April 5th at 10:30am
Game night : Saturday April 18th at 8pm
Movie night : Saturday April 25th at 8pm

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L’UniThéâtre – Martine à la plage

All by herself at home, Martine is a 15 year-old girl who spends her day talking with ghosts and daydreaming about her neighbor Gilbert Marcel. He is an optometrist, with a perfect family and an aboveground pool. Martine is crazy in love with him. Will she manage to get noticed by Gilbert?

From April 1st to the 11th; Each day at 7:30 pm + 1:30 on the 11th

Prices vary between 20 $ and 30 $ depending on the representation; 50% off the price of AFE members

Concert ESO: Schubert and Debussy

Friday April the 24th;

Symphony no. 4 in C minor “Tragic” by Schubert and in B minor by Debussy will be conducted at the Wispear Centre. Amidst an ecclectic concert featuring Jennifer Higdon’s Blue Cathedral and Nyman’s Where the Bees Dances interpreted by the British saxophone player jess Gillam. A mix of genres which will interest any music lover.

20% off the purchase price for our members with a code. Get in touch with the AFE to retrieve it!

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Social Meetups

Virtual Café croissant : Sunday May 3rd at 10:30am
Virtual game night : Saturday May 16th at 8pm
Virtual Franco-apero : Thursday May 14th and 28th at 6pm

More info and registration

Comic Contest

May 1st to the 24th

“While human beings are confined, animals take power on earth…”

May is usually comic month in the Alliance Française network. Because of the current situation, we had to celebrate it a little bit differently this year! From May 1st to 24th, whether you’re a kid, a teenager, or an adult, send us your comic on this theme for a chance to have it displayed in the Alliances françaises of Canada and win digital and paperforms comicbooks!

Click to see the winners

French comic book festival – Cancelled

May the 11th to the 15th

Japanese imaginaries and French Comic-Books

The Alliance Française of Edmonton presents its seventh edition of the French comic book festival. Come and discover more by joining us from May 11th to 15th at the Alliance Française!

ESO Concert: Violin and Cello Delight – Cancelled

May 14

String instruments are taking the centre stage for this concert! Several classic music pieces will be performed with violins and cellos by three artists including the Québécois cellist Stéphane Tréteault. Among the 7 music tracks played by the trio, it is possible to hear Kreisler’s Tambourin Chinois and Saint-Saëns’ Swan.

20% off the purchase price for our members with a code. Get in touch with the Alliance française to retrieve this coupon code.

More information here

Hike in French – Cancelled

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24

This year again, the Alliance française of Edmonton proposes you to fo hiking for a whole week-end with us! Walk through the Alberta wilderness in our company and… in French!



Social Meetups

Registration is mandatory for all social meetups.

Café croissant : Sunday June 7th at 10:30am at the Paul Kane Park. We won’t provide pastries, everyone need to bring their own breakfast. Register!
Game night : Saturday June 13th at 8pm at the Alliance française. Register!
Movie night : Saturday June 27th at 8pm at the Alliance française. Synopsis and registration!

More info

Make Music

Make Music Edmonton won’t be happening this year, but fear not, something just as great (maybe even more) is coming!
On June 21, from the East to the West coast of Canada, Make Music is going online for a very special event! Presented by the 9 Alliances Françaises of Canada, Make Music features amateur and professional artists from different linguistic and ethnic backgrounds, to represent Canada’s diversity.

More information here