Le Dîner en Blanc

2016 Edition – Don’t miss it! – Thursday, July 28 starting at 6pm

Register now! To register to this year’s edition of the Dîner en Blanc, you must have either participated last year (Phase 1), received an invitation from another participant (Phase 2) or wait to add your name to the waiting list for the public (registration Phase 3). Phase 3 is now open! To participate in this year’s Dîner en Blanc contact us to let us know you wish to be invited. Members and students of the AFE have priority!

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What is Dîner en Blanc?

Each year on a specific date, hundreds of participants meet up at different locations in the city, all dressed in white, with white carts, white tables, white chairs and white picnic baskets. At the last minute the location of this chic picnic is revealed to its 2000 participants, friends and acquaintances, who waited patiently to discover the secret location. That is when the different groups throughout the city will be converging to the secret location, using transportation made available for the event. And the magic begins, over the course of an evening, the diners enhance the function and value of their city’s public space by participating in the unexpected. Beyond the spectacle and refined elegance of the dinner itself, guests are brought together from diverse backgrounds by a love of beauty and good taste.

Louise McKiennan ParkThe origins of the Dîner en Blanc

Born 28 years ago in Paris… François Pasquier decided to reunite his friends in a park because he couldn’t welcome them all in his home. At the time, with no cellphone and internet, they were able to find themselves amidst a crowd by dressing all in white. The following years it became problematic as other people joined into the tradition without being invited. It was then decided to have the location kept secret, and an invitation was needed to know where it would all take place. Launched with just a handful of friends in 1988, the Dîner en Blanc in Paris now amasses close to 15 000 people each year. Some of its most prestigious sites includes: le Pont des Arts, la Tour Eiffel, la Place Vendôme, le Château de Verasilles, l’esplanade de Notre-Dame, l’esplanade des Invalides, la périphérie de la Place de l’Étoile, des Champs-Élysées, la Place de la Concorde et même la Pyramide du Louvre. For more information, check out the official website: edmonton.dinerenblanc.info