Grammar & Communication classes

Learning to communicate in French, and is also and first learn the organization of this language, linguistic elements and their joints, in a word, the grammar. To speak a language, it is necessary to know the grammatical rules of this language; grammar is therefore a fundamental tool for communication.

If you want to improve your oral skills, while revising or deepening some grammar points, then this class is for you! From a variety of material, you will analyze and study grammatical points that you will put into practice afterwards, through communication activities.

A1-A2 levels – Grammar & Communication class

In this class, you will be able to:

  • Improve your oral skills through the use of grammatical concepts
  • Stimulate your oral understanding through mastery of grammatical aspects
  • Identify, analyze, study grammatical forms through communication
  • Consolidate the main grammar points
  • Improve the construction of simple sentences

1.5 hour lessons once a week – 6 week session (total: 9 hours) Tuition fees: $140  (early-bird discount: $125)

For September 2018, this class’ schedule is coming up soon!


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